Why is MHE® Different?

The FR Industry’s Current Problems:

 As it’s now well recognised (and maybe not fully accepted) by the Fire and Flame Retardant (FR) Industry is that the BIGGEST “Pain” it has is the current industry’s toxic and carcinogenic products, and this together with their associated life threatening and health issues, correct?

And better expressed, currently it’s a huge concern, all because they don’t have a 100% safe, cost-effective, guaranteed complete toxic-free and effective solution for this worldwide problem.

Which means the MHE Biomimetic Technologies organic solutions are the world-first biodegradable ‘Guaranteed Safe, Affordable, Certified, Effective’ alternative solutions, which are what otherwise can be described as the ‘Perfect-Pill’ for this current industry “Pain”.

Because you definitely have…

  • No toxic fumes,
  • No side-effects,
  • No carcinogens,
  • No usage issues,
  • No recycling cost,
  • No smoke toxicity,
  • No fire side-effects,
  • No toxic production,
  • No migration concern,
  • No costly clean-up bill,
  • No corrosive fire gases,
  • No expensive disposals,
  • No unwanted emissions,
  • No vaporization experience,
  • No formation of corrosive gases,
  • No after-fire residuals to clean-up…

Which means your solution to all this is…MHE®

“Organic Fire & Flame Retardants: Guaranteed Safe, Affordable, Certified, Effective”

Product Description

MHE® comes in two forms, liquid and powder. Both MHE® Product types are world-first, biodegradable organic toxin-free patented fire and flame retardant (FR) additive formulated to provide a combined endothermic and intumescent system with a unique environmental benefit during its entire product life cycle.

And because of this the MHE® is either in a soft dry powder form or liquid, both being based on an environmentally-friendly system combining carboxylic acids and Mon-alkali. All contents of the material solution are classified harmless and can be listed individually as approved food grade chemicals by Food Standards Australia. Which means that correctly applied and used MHE® products are guaranteed to pose no harm to the human body and are 100% biodegradable in nature.

MHE® Powder (U21-C)

As such MHE® Powders are available as very tiny powder particles. Due to the versatility of the MHE® system and ability to tailor the grades depending on application purposes, the potential application range is huge.

Which means that suitable material applications range from combustible host materials such as PU-Foam, soft PVC, PVC-film, Polyamide, Polyester Fibre, Polyolefin, Polycarbonate, Latex, Wood, Fibre Board, Cellulose Fibre, Cell-Wool, Kraft-Paper, Canvas, Viscose, Cotton, Other Textiles (natural & non-woven), Cassava (natural), EPDM Rubber, Adhesives, to name a few.

Because of this, the MHE® Powder is a fine white, free-flowing salt and the MHE® Powder is not water-soluble.

MHE® Liquid (101)

Yet MHE® is also available in liquid form. For convenience, the primary delivery form of MHE® 101 Products are available in either liquid or powder. Because of this they are available as a reactant uncoated or a coated filler grade and MHE® 101 Powders and are all water-soluble. Due to versatility of the MHE® system and ability to tailor the grades depending on application purposes, the potential application range is huge and the suitable combustible host materials material applications range is as listed above.

MHE® 101 Powder is a fine white, free-flowing salt, uncoated powder grades are water-soluble. This now means that the MHE® 101 Powder may also be used in combination with other systems, in order to provide further improvement of existing material FR properties.

Benefits and Features

Based on previous and existing application research, MHE® has the potential to meet or exceed the FR Industry standards and commercial requirements on fire and flame retardants. Which means the MHE® products, whilst being stable and UV-resistant, do not produce anything else than water and carbon-dioxide during decomposition. And because of this the MHE® power products and solutions are highly versatile, cost-efficient and allows for customisation for a broad range of materials.

System Description

MHE® products are based on a versatile chemical composition that provides strong endothermic functionality combined with a charring process that binds free oxygen close to an open flame. The generation of a char-layer is enhanced by the release of mobile cations present in the formulation. When applied properly, MHE® achieves an optimal balance between fire retardant functionality and the mechanical properties of the treated material. As such the balance between the acid and base components is designed to generate PH neutral salts, which together with heat-generated non-flammable gases and a good carbon-source provide the basic performance of the MHE® fire retardant solution.

Because of this, the balance between organic acids and inorganic base chemicals in the MHE® composition in respect of the formed salts is one of the cornerstones of the performance of the solution, the other concerns the balance between ionic and covalent bonds.

Which means the MHE® system is developed based on research combining chemistry and physics with a particular focus on thermal energy absorption in materials, interfering with the transition of a material from solid to liquid state and the generation of flammable gas during exposure to heat energy.

This means that the thermal energy absorption enabled by MHE® delays the time prior to the point of ignition, which allows time for a charring process to commence parallel to binding free oxygen. The charring shield insulates the material/fuel from the fire and the excellent thermal energy absorption helps to reduce the internal gas pressure of the treated material resulting in a complete stop of the spread of fire.


  • Endothermically reactive with superior thermal energy absorption
  • Intumescent / charring reaction which also prevents dripping of material in liquid state
  • Production of surface protection char-layer insulations stopping flammable gases to support the heat source and blocking oxygen supply from the surrounding materials.
  • Smoke suppressant.

Do you want to know more about MHE®?

For more information or enquiries on MHE® or for your supply of MHE® to your environment asap, just initially email us at: info@mhe-bt.com remembering to outline your current needs and challenges as well as your present situation and we’ll then connect you with the right person to help you with your MHE® Fire and Flame Retardant solution.